The orginal answers I had before this were -1 and 2 (2.375 not rounded) because these were the Z-scores. Which I found using

(68-76)/8= -1

(95-76)/8= 2.375

I don't get how 16 and 99 are even an answer. 


Thank you in advance!!!

 May 6, 2021

I'm not a statistician so my wording might be a bit ropey, but here goes.

The percentiles run from zero on the far left of the distribution through to 100 on the far right, with 50 in the middle.

The 34 (or more accurately 34.13) that you get for your second answer will be the area under the normal curve to the left of the mean (the middle).

To get how far that is from the left you have to subract from 50.

For your third answer, you just have to use the accurate value for z. 

z = 2.375 gets you an area of about 0.4912 giving you a percentile of 50 + 49 = 99. (thats the 50 from the left of the mean plus 49 to the right).

 May 6, 2021

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