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I just stumbled on this you tube clip.
I thought it was quite good. That is because it is basically the way I teach it (I have looked at many methods in the past and i like this one)
My only criticism of this clip is that he keeps waving his pen about and it is a distraction.
I was thinking that we could start a thread, where the url's of the resources that we like, are added.
Maybe they could be posted individually when first introduced but then assigned to a thread bank of resources.
Does this sound like something people would want to do?
Or is it easier just to go find them each time on the web?
Obviously there are a lot of resources out there. Some are good, some are really not.
also, we won't all like the same ones.

I am just looking for some comments/ideas please.
Would anyone, other than me, like to organize something like this. If not, it doesn't matter. I know you are all busy people.
We could even have our own post within the thread that we look after with edits and additions for ourselves. Do you understand what i mean?

I think it is a good idea to have a thread where everyone can share his or her recources.
I'd use it to give quicker answers to the similar questions that are asked every day.
People might share recources which are not so useful (could be a man waving a pen through the screen (just kidding )) but we're not obliged to use them in our answers.
Simply watch the recource before your use it in an answer and then it will probably be an excellent idea!
How about this thread?
Feb 5, 2014