Happy paradox day everyone !

the day where the only rule is; 'we have no rules!'.

There is an exception to every rule though, where the exception to this rule is that it has no exception.


Paradox day always and never comes by suprise.


We know it can be any day of the year...


... except it can't be on the 31st of december, because if it wasn't on the 30th of december , we'd already know it was to happen on the next day. However, then it also cannot be on the 30th of december, because by the 29th of december we'd already know it was to happen on the next day (because it can't be on the 31st). Similarly it can't happen on the 29th, 28th, 27th al the way up to the 1st of january. Yet I feel I have suprised you a little, even though you could've already known. 


Now since it's paradox day,

everyone that's not crazy has to give me 1 million digits of pi

and everyone that's crazy doesn't have to give me that.

But if you decide to not give me 1 million digits of pi,

you must be sane, and therefore you must give me 1 million digits of pi.


Now here's something unusual!

I just saw a green apple, and therefore it's more likely that all ravens are black.



Let's say all ravens are black

then everthing that's not black can't be a raven.

Moreover, i just saw a raven that's black

which supports my idea that all ravens are black

but I also saw a green apple

which equally supports my idea that everything that's not black can't be a raven.

So seeing a green apple also supports my idea that all ravens are black!


Everything I said in this wrap is a lie!

reinout-g  Jul 1, 2014

Reinout i dont know what ever u just said is a lie or not but i just know that all this is going above my head and making it go round and round !i think thats becoz ive just returned from school and am a lil tired !

so ill once again see ur post after a lil time and then maybe i can understand what reallly is in it!

rosala  Jul 1, 2014

I enjoyed your post Reinout.         ♬             ♬


Did you enjoy your first day back at school Rosala?

Melody  Jul 1, 2014

Melodys post boo Melodys notes.Yay for smileys!

zegroes  Jul 1, 2014

Boo Zegroes yah for dinosaurs!     ♬   ♬   ♬   ♬                                         ♬   ♬   ♬   ♬ 

            ♬   ♬   ♬   ♬                                                    ♬   ♬   ♬   ♬ 

Melody  Jul 1, 2014

Dinosaurs are exinct though well i guess you can say extremley endangered since theres only one left.... Cant count fossil hes already dead!

zegroes  Jul 1, 2014

Yes, I am one of a kind!

Melody  Jul 1, 2014

Melody it wasn't a too bad day neither a too good day!i enjoyed nothing much except of talking , laughing and cracking jokes with my best friend!and if she wouldnt be there i dont know what would have happened to me!

And it was just the first day after the summer break and the teachers have started to scold children from now only but luckily no teacher scolded me (as usual) for i had taken all my holiday homework and taken all the books required!and i got to see some new nice changes in school which was pretty surprising!

and u know what theres a class which is very naughty , and so a camera has been fixed in there class to keep an eye in them!And a new boy has joined our class !he'll have lots to catch up !

So over all it was a fine day (just becoz i talked to my friend otherwise it was terrible and when i returned home i was feeling as if someone had "squeezed " me! lol!)

rosala  Jul 1, 2014

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