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I am so pleased, Sir CPhill.  It is truly a great compliment when one sees the Master in the student. 

Did my nifty hat give me a way?smiley


I am a member of A.P.E. but I’m not at a high enough rank to have assistants yet. Because of today’s post, I think I will be eligible soon.  I spent weeks seeking a position at A.P.E. before finally getting a reply from the top banana himself, LancelotLink.  Here’s an extract from our exchange.


. . .


Lancelot: Humm . . . This is very interesting, my dear. It is not easy to tell from your overtures, but just so I’m clear, do you want to join The A.P.E. organization or my harem?


Ginger: Well, being an apprentice to Lancelot’s A.P.E. organization would look good on my resume. Artistic adviser to the board of directors of A.P.E would look really cool. However, if I join your harem, I suppose I could put carpenter in my resume. Not as impressive, but still accurate. 


Lancelot: Carpenter? How do you derive carpenter from that honored position?


Ginger: By finding the root of the problem.  You need someone skilled at making your banana daiquiris and your banana stand.  A carpenter would be ideal for such a problem. Don’t you think so? 


Lancelot: After a banana-boat load of laughter, the board voted unanimously to approve your contract to join A.P.E.  . . .  Joining the harem is totally optional, of course. 


Though the troll master is not really my employer, he is my mentor and my dear friend. I sorely miss his troll posts and him.  

Aug 7, 2016

I found one of your questions (I’m a blŏŏdy mind reader). It wasn’t yesterday, though. 

Here’s the link.


DragonSlayer answered it. Your current post is proof that his answer is wrong.


You should make an account.  Here’s a list of user names you can choose from.



Does anyone here, other than me, miss our Troll?sad

Aug 6, 2016

That is amazing you could tell it was me. I’ve made only a few posts using my account name and some as a guest. Some were snarky, trolling-posts and were deleted – they were not Scooby-snack-worthy.angel


My popping on and off happened because I logged on through a university library network.  I was going to post a question (details below) because my “private tutor” was off the grid.  When I realized I couldn’t log on, my Irish temper took over and I flamed the post with two of Naus’ thermonuclear grenades of humor and fire. It did cheer me up. It was still anonymous 10 hours later when I checked for responses.  It’s not beyond me to post something like this with my name attached, but it’s kind of dumb to do it and expect anything except an in-kind retort. 


When I was 7-years-old, I learnt it was much more fun to sneak a cookie than to ask. My mom and dad were amused by behavior, but my dad, being somewhat of a practical joker, stuffed a jack-in the-box, springy, caterpillar in the cookie jar. On top of that, he hid in the pantry with a cookie monster mask.  I managed not to drop the cookie jar when the caterpillar popped out, but when cookie monster jumped out of the pantry, the last thing I remember before fainting, was throwing the cookie jar at him, which he caught (it was Rubbermaid—my mother is a smart cookie).  I’m sure my father was more scared than I was at that point. 


I didn’t eat any cookies for weeks afterward.  It was at least a year before I again started sneaking cookies, but I carefully and slowly opened the jar. To this day, after more than 20 years, I still half believe something will jump out whenever I open a cookie jar. surprise

Jun 18, 2016