Hectictar! A Year of Excellence!

One year of amazing answers, solutions, and elucidations.   

Not enough troll posts, though laugh




Happy Web2.0calc forum anniversary.

 Feb 7, 2018

Thanks GingerAle for bringing Hectictar's milesone to our attention.


And to you Hectictar.

We have been greatly honoured to have you so active on our forum.

Thank you for all the wonderful contributions you have made.  laugh laugh laugh

 Feb 7, 2018

Wow Ginger! I sure wasn't expecting to see this! Thank you a lot!!! I appreciate it! laughsmiley

 Feb 7, 2018

Yep.....hectictar has been a valuable asset on here........happy anniversary!!!!



cool cool cool

 Feb 7, 2018

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