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Guess Who?  .....


Ok I’ll guess. It’s not a difficult guess. You’re TPM (The Puppet Master –aka The Blarney Master).


You decided to join in the fun and games when WAT started posting his (AI generated) bombastic prose toward me and then in my name.  You recognized this as a great opportunity to troll me and the forum as the Blarney Master that you are. We’ve had several public debates; all of them ending with you on the losing side.

That AoPS student is one of your creations. You’ve created puppets before, Puppetmaster/Blarneymaster. (You gave yourself away on that post.) 



For years you have veiled yourself in various personas, usually those of “intelligent dumbness”. Advocating for destructive vandals and lame-brains, some of who are entering their second childhoods via senility.

The world and this forum didn’t evolve the way you wanted it to. So now you want revenge and you want to vent. Even Mr. BB –the BullShit Bug joined in on the fun and games.


That’s what puppet masters doThey create personas to complain and gripe about the problems of society –in this case, the problems of a local society –a forum mostly dedicated to math and math related sciences


Officially, Andree Massow, the creator of the computational engine calculator and the known as the “Forum,” defines this forum as a Blog and Message Board. Mostly it is defined as a Blog –not a Math Blog, just a Blog.

Source: Blog and Message Board Terms of Use Section 3 paragraph (b)


3. Accessing

(b) The Blog is provided for informational purposes only; we shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy or availability of any information appearing or available on the Blog. (Italics mine.)


If you read all the Terms of Service you will not find the word “math” or any related synonym for math, anywhere.   This is why off-topic posts are allowed on this forum –including your bullshit of wagging heads, jointless gestures, and long monologues that wears us out.

And you do not seem to have any problem escaping the (AI) Auto-Moderator.   


We recover quickly from your monologues. You don’t wear out so quickly, because lately you use AI Chat to create and supplement your monologues of plaintive criticisms. Having a computer do your work for you is easy, but it produces crappy monologues –well more crappy than your usual fare, which is very crappy. You are not intelligent enough to be your own person, so you are even less likely to successfully be someone else –except for a moron persona, which comes naturally to you.


Your current post follows this trend in AI use. You mostly use the forum’s posts as a basis for the created dialogue. You’ve fed the AI most of my posts, so it reproduces many of the phrases (and paraphrases using synonym) I use in my math solution posts and social commentaries –including the use of “Herr Massow”, and the use of “Sisyphus” (a metaphor for CPhill, first used by MorganTud).


This is handy for when you create plaintive posts railing about homework cheaters and sign my initials. (You are not the only one: there are (at least) two (2) others who create plaintive and critical posts and sign my initials to them).  You’ve also fed the AI texts of ghetto speak and Antifa propaganda.  


The Antifa propaganda is of special importance to you –it’s an ideal to you. You use their tactics –presenting blatant lies as facts about your target and then criticize them for it. When you make these posts and sign my initials to them, you wait for me to formally disavowal the post, and then post a (pseudo) sympathetic comment along with a statement (lie) that it is really GingerAle doing this. 


It is customary of GA to go around insulting new askers and calling them homework cheaters on guest accounts, then denying them as you have seen.


This is the best of your Puppet Master world. Isn’t it? Criticize a homework cheater, blame it on GA, and then call GA a liar when she disavows the post.


In this current post you continue your (lame) attempts at social engineering, and Herr Massow is your target.  You present your ideas and criticisms with hyperbolic emotionalism, couched in bombastic prose, and seasoned with absurd metaphors. ...Let’s not forget the lies:


A site such as this most likely gets its revenue from visitors viewing advertisements. I suspect that this is another motivation for the AI debacle. It's about time you started putting education before profits. If you truly wanted this site to become a useful repository for future students and a welcoming community for those who decide to post a question, you wouldn't have to worry about making enough money to keep this piece of junk afloat. And frankly, you deserve to worry if you don't.


You have visited this forum for years. Have you ever seen an advertisement on this forum? Have you seen a link to an advertisement (other than spam links –usually hidden in a (wrong) answer post)? You haven’t. There isn’t even a donation link. This forum is not just non-profit; it generates no revenue at all.  This forum exists as act of noblesse oblige by Herr Massow. 



You know this, but you lie and then you criticize Herr Massow based on this lie (It's about time you started putting education before profits).  Then you couch your criticisms as if you are advocating for the students –the same students you blast for being homework cheaters. You are the worst kind hypocrite. You are the epitome of Antifa... Maybe you are just here to practice your social engineering, social justice, and cancel culture skills. You have a long way to go... you POS! ...It would help if you actually knew how to write.


It takes time to generate AI text –even crappy AI text.

So prior to your current posts you posted these two comments


Admin be like: oh no the crappy website that I made which is ugly broken and generally has horrible design interface is not getting any views! What could be the problem??? OH I KNOW! Moderation must not be good enough!! So I’m just gonna slap a stupid AI on here which hides every other post and make everyone’s lives miserable. This definitely will not drive people away and its not my problem anyway since I come here once in a blue moon!

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Your website design sucks and your AI moderation system is an abomination. It's been the reason for so many users leaving and hating this site. It's no wonder no one's using it, you absolute idiot. Instead of investing money in making this site worse, maybe use your brain and fix all of your broken content and buggy bugs. The only way you'll ever make users happy is if you throw out your crappy AI and listen to their feedback. Your job is not to make everyone miserable, it's to help them find the information they need. Do better, idiot.

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I have to say: I’m so overwhelmed by your intelligence... I’m at a loss for words. Perhaps I should ask an AI to generate some words for me.

I think the AI will say this crap is better than the crap you replaced it with. 


Unlike you, I actually give a shit about this forum. Even after more than nine years as a member I still think of this forum as one of the wonders of the virtual world. I probably know more about the forum’s history (the Calculator too) and operation than anyone other than Herr Massow.

Here’s a brief overview:



GA –The Real One

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Sep 13, 2023
Sep 3, 2023