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Oh wow! The moderators are actually doing work for once instead of hanging around and writing BS!


I’m only familiar with one or two posts where a moderator wrote BS. It’s a rather rare event.

Yes the moderators do work on here: posting solutions for math questions and shoveling megabytes of bullshit into the sewage processing system –Mostly the crap you and your troll buddies produce. ... It’s a never-ending job. 


"At present, there is very little cheating on the forum. ...


Yes. At present, there is very little cheating on the forum. There may be some cheating, but compared to just a year-and-half ago, it is nothing.


“... Maximum, The0neXWZ, wiseowl, and several others are NOT homework cheaters."


Yes. That is true. None of them are homework cheaters. I could explain why I think this is true to the point of making it a fact. However even if you understood the analysis (based on statistics and psychology), your unbending, hyperbolic bias towards all who post math questions (or any other academic questions) compels you to classify them as cheaters. This precludes you from fairly considering the evidence.  Also it would not be expedient to make this information public.  Suffice to say, they are worse than homework cheaters. This is why I wrote, I wish they were; they’d be easier to deal with.


Wow GA! You are quick to belittle and attack members that give competent mathematical solutions, but you are extremely lenient on homework cheaters.


I have never attacked a member or guest for presenting competent mathematical solutions. If your comment is something other than mud-slinging, then post the links, or STFU.


As for homework cheaters, I do not want them here either. But we have very different definitions of whom and who isn’t a homework cheater.

A crude analogy may convey the difference.


Consider someone who describes another (a man) as a “mother fucker”.  This would imply that the man has sexual relations with own mother –a disgusting concept in most societies.    However, if this man has sexual relations with the mother of his children, then, technically he’s a “mother fucker” –just not with his own mother.  Both are mother fuckers: one is an incestuous fornicator and the other is not –unless the mother of his children is his sister. Sister fucker may be gross, but nowhere near that of mother fucker.   

So ... what do you say? I can guess: “No one does me like daddy! ...”  


If you have such a problem with a troll using AI to write his post then you must be very pissed with the members here that regularly post AI answers, right?


Yes. I think they should Not be posted, and if they are, they should be hidden from public view. If question askers want AI chat answers, then they can retrieve them on their own. It’s rather easy –that’s why the morons use them to post answers.


AI answers are almost always wrong –in short, it’s computerized crap. Even when the final result is correct the solution process usually has errors. The Wrong Answer Trolls on this forum use AI answers to supplement their wrong answers posts. They are usually modified to make them more plausible (or more absurd), but no less wrong. WAT is very good at this, but his butt-buddy minions are not. 


Ironically, advanced math questions are more likely to receive a correct answer and solution process than the easier questions. Though the output usually needs edited and trimmed of the AI artifacts. I’m fairly sure I know the reasons for this, but I’m keeping that hypothesis to myself.  


There are advanced (usually paid subscription) AI’s that consistently produce correct answers and solutions for both easy and difficult questions. But these too


In any case, if AI answers are posted then the source should be identified as AI produced or AI supplemented, and the source should include the name of the AI.   


So far, this post remains open if anyone else cares to comment....



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Aug 30, 2023