0.99 to what power is 0.5? etc. 0.99^x=0.5. I'm asking this because I'm curious if I'd do something everyday that has 1% chance of k*****g me(or doing whatever else), how many days should I do it to have 50% chance of survival? :D I know the solution is achieved with logarithms but I'm don't know how to change their base yet. Thanks in advance :)

Guest Sep 11, 2017

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.99^x  = 0.5    take the log of both sides


log .99^x  =  log 0.5      and by a log property we can write


x *  log .99  =  log 0.5      divide both sides by log .99


x  =  log 0.5 / log .99  ≈  68.96  =   69 days



cool cool cool

CPhill  Sep 11, 2017

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