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If you are a polite and serious learner then it is in your interest to become a member.

There are a number of benefits but the biggest is that you will become known and appreciated.

Your questions will be answered much better and faster.

 Nov 3, 2021
edited by Melody  Nov 4, 2021
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Ok cool

 Nov 4, 2021

I don't mean to be rude, but you forgot the e in guideline.

 Nov 10, 2021

\(\mathcal {Hello \mbox { Melody}, }\)


what is a member, is this like Alan, asinus or hectictar or something like that? 

Yes, I think that is good and cool, but what does this bring you?


\(\mathcal {Straight}\)


(Sorry for the aesthetic I just like this font xD ... )

 Nov 11, 2021
edited by Straight  Nov 11, 2021

Hi Straight,


Everyone with a username is a member.

So you are already a member.   wink



Alan, asinus and I are members like you but we are also moderators.

Melody  Nov 11, 2021
edited by Melody  Nov 11, 2021

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