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➣ We all Welcome You Here to our site and hope you like Being a part of Helping others. We all spend time to help you or others out, We are trying to teach and not give direct answers to people, or try to find a way to teach the person that is looking for help and not to just give the answer. Any of us will gladly help you on any math question you have in Mind. We advise that you make a account with us and help out other. We advise that because there are

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Of Reasons to join: 


1) It's Absolutely Free.
2) You can Add attachments.
3) Once you have made a post you can Edit it if you are a Member.
4) You May edit your post but Do Not Delete it, someone could be working on it.     
5) No-one else can use Your username.
6) We can tell if you are or are Not a member. If time is very limited, Members will be given priority.
7) You can send and receive Private messages to and from other people.

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            Special thanks to our moderators: These people have spent a long time helping people and have helped keep this site clean. Go down bellow to the links to help others and to be apart of our amazing community.

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----» If your comment is rude/unessesary please KEEP it out of the answers section thank you.


♦♦♦Information For New People♦♦♦



----» Please Dont post entire PAGES of work and especially TEST/QUIZES you may post a question or two so you can get them answerd for your better understanding of the rest of the work.


➢ Almost all  'proper' questions get answered. (Especially if you do not ask us to do too many at one time)

➢ If your question wasn't answered it is possible that it was phrased poorly, or was incomplete, so that no-one understood exactly what you were asking.

➢ It is important to phrase your question well.  If there is a diagram make sure it include all necessary information.

➢ If you direct answerers to another web page make sure that they are taken to the right page.  This is a common error and it is very frustrating for answerers.

➢ Question askers may be too busy or too confused to ask you for clarification.

➢ If they do ask then make sure you answer promptly.

➢ If you do not understand an answer then you need to ask for clarification or more explanation.  Try to explain what it is that you do not understand.  NEVER say you are happy if you do not fully understand.

➢ (You should state your difficulties even when you very first post your question!)

➢ When you are happy with an answer that you have received please post a thankyou on the end of the thread and also give the answerer  thumbs up.

➢ If you do not get any answer then you can clarify your meaning with a new post on the same thread.

you can also repost but do not be too quick to do this.  If someone has tried to answer you stick to the same thread.  It is rude to ignore someone and just repost.

➢ If you do not have an answer  and your question is  no longer on the first page feel free to repost.

Most importantly of all - Always be polite.

➢ PLEASE REMEMBER: No answerer is paid.  They all answer your questions because they are generous people who are giving you their time and their knowledge freely.

➢ ALSO NOTE: Members are given priority and answerers often remember the attitude of these question askers.  Polite, responsive people will always be given priority.

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