04.08 Lesson Summary and Assessment

What Do I Have to Do?

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Imagine that the city of Athens has decided to build a new museum to share and celebrate Greece’s past. You have been hired to create an exhibit for the new museum, celebrating the Ancient Greece Civilization.


Your museum exhibit must highlight six Ancient Greek Artifacts—one for each of the six S.P.R.I.T.E. categories. Each of the artifacts must include an image or sketch of the artifact. Your exhibit must also include a written explanation of why each artifact should be included in the museum and how the artifact was important to the people of Ancient Greece.

Your completed project should include the following:

six artifacts from Ancient Greece—one for each of the six S.P.R.I.T.E. categories

a three to four sentence explanation for each of the S.P.R.I.T.E. artifacts, telling why the artifact should be included and how it was important to the people of Ancient Greece

one image or sketch for each of the six artifacts

Research: Choose typical examples from ancient Greek cities such as Athens, Sparta, and Corinth.

Examples of Sprite Elements: Each artifact in your exhibit should represent an Ancient Greek item, person, place, or event to illustrate these six S.P.R.I.T.E. categories. Below are examples to guide you:

social—map of the city or article of clothing

political—government document

religious—a temple or religious festival

intellectual—sculpture, artwork, or writings

technological—tool or other piece of technology

economical—goods for sale or coins

You may also use the Web 2.0 tools to help you create your project.

Good Luck and have fun!

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