1. The manager of a local basketball arena wants to survey fans attending a game at the arena about other sports they enjoy.

 Yes or No to tell whether each method results in a random sample of the population.


The manager gives a survey to every 20th fan as he or she enters the arena.

The manager makes an announcement during the game that surveys will be available to anyone who wants to take one on the way out.

The manager gives a survey to the first 80 people who leave the arena after the game.

The manager gives a survey to 80 randomly chosen fans who are seated in the rows closest to the court.



2. Does each situation describe a survey, an experiment, or an observational study?

Select Survey, Experiment, or Observational Study for each situation.


A vet randomly chooses 25 dogs that come in for a visit and gives the dogs a vaccine with an injection. A randomly chosen group of 25 dogs receives the vaccine with nose drops.

An employee at the vet's office gives dog owners a sample of a new dog treat. The employee asks the owners whether the dogs seem to prefer the treat to the ones they usually receive.

People who bring a cat to see the vet are asked to answer 10 questions about the type of food they feed the cat.

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Observational study 




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