1. What is one role of the lungs?

Allow for gas exhange so carbon dioxide can enter the bloodstream

Cooling the heart

Allow for gas exchange so oxygen can enter the bloodstream 

Host bacteria that can cause bronchitius


2. Which is NOT a function of the heart?

be vunerable to heart attacks

pump blood to the lungs(no Obvi)

pump blood to the body(no Obvi right?)

recieve signals to regulate heart rate (I think this one)


3. Which of the following is true?

arteries always carry deoxyenated blood

veins carry blood towards the heart

the only thing blood carries is oxygen

arteries carry blood towards the heart


4. Why dont single celled organisms need lungs?

they do not need to exchange gases with their environment

they are small enough that gas exchange can occur without lungs

single celled organisms do not respire 

lungs are too cool for school (No Obvi)

Guest Mar 23, 2017

Please only ask math related questions. This is not science.

gobromash  Mar 23, 2017

i think this person wants to spread knowledge and plus, you dont own the website so you really cant do anything about it

Guest Mar 23, 2017

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