@-12.5%=8560 i want to know @value

Guest Oct 24, 2017

12.5% is the same as 0.125, so is what you are asking equivalent to @-0.125@=8560? 

AdamTaurus  Oct 24, 2017

If so, then I'll rewrite it as x-0.125x=8560 just for clarity (it is easier to read like that).


First, I would factor an x out of the left side.


Subtract 0.125 from 1


Divide both sides by 0.875.

8560/0.875 = 9782.85714


So your @ number is 9,782.85714. (If you round up at all, it won't work.)

AdamTaurus  Oct 24, 2017
edited by AdamTaurus  Oct 24, 2017

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