can i pls get the explanation too with the question? this is a review so if i don't know how to do it i can't do problems like it. thank you

 Feb 25, 2021

This is for problem 1:

An easy way to determine if a sequence is geometric or arithmetic is by seeing if it is multiplied or divided by a number (geometric) or added or subtracted by a number (arithmetic). 


A. The numbers in the sequence are divided by a number, the number being 2. This means it is geometric!


B. The numbers in the sequence have a number added to them, the number being 4. This means it is arithmetic!

 Feb 25, 2021

thank you soo much! just to clarify this is for number 14. just to make sure, if i understood correctly, A is for the first one and B is for the second on, right? thank you 

winner08  Feb 25, 2021

Yes, A is for 14. and B is for 15. :)

MobiusLoops  Feb 25, 2021

This is for problem 2:


a. Plug in some values for \(f(x)=6x-4\)

1 2
2 8
3 14
4 20

This matches to 19.


b. If you are wondering how to solve this function, here's how:

Since you already know what f(1) is, you can start solving for f(2)!

\(f(2)=6 * f(2-1)= 6*f(1)= 6*2= 12\)

By doing this two more times, you can see this matches to 16.


c. Plug in some values for

1 2
2 \(\frac{1}{3}\)
3 \(\frac{1}{18}\)
4 \(\frac{1}{108}\)

You see this function matches to 18.


By this you can match d. to 17.



16 ---> b.

17---> d.

18---> c.

19---> a.



 Feb 25, 2021

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