2. Here are the numbers of first place finishes for last year’s sports day at Wewonnawin

Elementary. Draw a graph to show how these data can be displayed in each way.


   First Place Finishes

House      Number of Firsts

 Black                  25

 Red                     20

 Green                 18

 Yellow                 15


a) The Black house wants to show they won by a lot.

b) The Yellow house wants to show that each house had about the same number

of first place finishes.

c) The Green house wants to make it look like they won.


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 Apr 15, 2020

Have the houses listed along the x-axis:


a)  Start the y-axis with 15, have a scale of 1, and end the y-axis at 25.


b)  Start the y-axis at 0 and have a maximum of 100; they will all be grouped closely together.


c)  I haven't the foggiest idea how to do this ...

 Apr 15, 2020

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