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The base of a regular pyramid is a hexagon.

What is the area of the base of the pyramid?

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 May 14, 2018

Once again, we use the 30 - 60 -90 rule. 


The hypotenuse is twice the length of the side opposite of the 30 degree angle.


Therefore the side opposite of the 30 degree angle is 12/2 = 6 


We can use the Pythagorean theorem, to find the length of a. 


12^2 - 6^2 = a^2


a^2 = 108


a = √108 = 6√3


I hope this helped,


 May 14, 2018

And to find the area of the base...


The base is a regular hexagon, and  12  of the little outlined triangle would fill it exactly. So


area of base  =  12(area of little triangle)


area of little triangle  =  (1/2)(base)(height)


If we let the base be the side opposite the 30° angle and the height be  a , then the base is  6 cm  and the height is  6√3 cm , as Gavin found.


area of little triangle  =  (1/2)(6)(6√3)  sq cm

area of little triangle  =  18√3  sq cm


area of base  =  12(18√3)  sq cm

area of base  =  216√3  sq cm          smiley

 May 15, 2018

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