5(y+2) = 2(2y -1) Find y.

Guest May 23, 2017



\(5(y+2)=2(2y-1)\) This is the given equation. First, distribute the 5 and 2
\(5y+10=4y-2\) Subtract 4y on both sides
\(y+10=-2\) Subtract 10 on both sides
\(y=-12\) We found y, so we are done!


If you are ever unsure whether or not your answer is correct, plug the y-value into the equation. Then, check to see that the equation is true:


\(5(-12+2)=2(2(-12)-1)\) Check to see if this is true by simplifying. Let's clean this up
\(-50=-50\) This is true, so the answer, y=-12 is the correct and only correct solution
TheXSquaredFactor  May 23, 2017

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