80% of 55 is what number

Guest Sep 2, 2017

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The question asks for "80% of 55."  


"Of" is an indicator for the multiplication indicator. You can replace it. We have now changed the question to \(80\% *55\). Now, let's evaluate it!


\(80\% *55\) In general, \(a\%=\frac{a}{100}\).
\(\frac{80}{100}*\frac{55}{1}\) Let's simplify 80/100 to simplest terms by realizing that the numerator and denominator have a greatest common factor of 20.
\(\frac{4}{5}*\frac{55}{1}\) To faciliate the computational process even more, notice that 5 and 55 havea  GCF of 5.
\(\frac{4}{1}*\frac{11}{1}\) Now, do the multiplication.


Therefore, 80% of 55 is 44.

TheXSquaredFactor  Sep 2, 2017

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