9/8 / 4/5
Guest Jan 26, 2012

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(9/8) / (4/5) = (9/8) * (5/4) = 45/32
admin  Jan 26, 2012

This one is the flop problem. you flop the last number when doing division. then it turns into multiplication

So for this it would be 9/8x5/4 so 9x5=45 and 8x4= 32 so your final answer is 45/32

If you wanted to make this into a mixed number, find out how many times 32 goes into 45. It goes in once so do 45-32=3 so basically your mixed number, simplified version is

1 3/32 and thats as far as you can get it.

Sorry, I know this answer was shown above, but the reason people go on this site is so they can get explanation, not cold hard calculator facts

Anima  Feb 3, 2015

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