a^3 x b^2 = ????


How to?

Guest Sep 12, 2017
edited by Guest  Sep 12, 2017

Well...I don't think you can really simplify this further because the bases are different and the exponents are different.

Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm terrible at defining and explaining...laugh). 

Gh0sty15  Sep 12, 2017

You can factor out in a few ways,if that is the question


realise that a^3 X b^2    =  a x a x a x b x b       so you can have 

                                      = a(a x a x b xb)    = a(a^2b^2)       


or a^2(a x b^2)     etc   etc    .     But in most calculations, a^3b^2 is probably the simplest form.   

frasinscotland  Sep 12, 2017

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