A and B are two events.

Given that P(A)=0.2 , P(B)=0.3 and P(A and B)=0.06 .

Drag and drop the answers into the boxes.


Events A and B are ___ because ___.


Answer choices: 

  1. independent
  2. not independent


  1. P(A|B)=P(A)
  2. P(A|B)=P(B)
  3. P(A|B)≠P(A)
GuestMember  Feb 5, 2018

They are independent because


P(A and B)    =  P (A) * P(B)


Rewriting this slightly gives us


P(A and B) / P(A)   = P(B)


P (A l B )  =  P(B)



cool cool cool

CPhill  Feb 5, 2018

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