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I am a regular user on this site and I cannot thank our experts  enough for the effort done in answering questions received! I am sure that this is beneficial not just to the person who raised the question...but to countless others! Your explanations are a lesson not just in the subject matter but they also help to understand and assess one's level of understanding . I feel these guys are champions of education and deserve our respect and thanks.


Thanks again!

 Oct 31, 2018

On behalf of all our answerers I thank you.

We all try our hardest to help everyone and we always appreciated it when people say thanks and/or interact with us.



 Oct 31, 2018

Wow!    Thanx for the gratitude.....cheeky

 Oct 31, 2018

well thank you we all try our best to teach, explain, and learn new stuff on this site so thanks again

 Oct 31, 2018

What Melody, EP  and DC  said.....!!!!


I'm far from an  "expert," but I try to help where I can.....



cool cool cool

 Oct 31, 2018

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