A coffee shop sells bags of coffee for a regular price of 


 per bag. Kevin bought some bags and used a coupon for 


 off his entire purchase. After applying the coupon, he paid 


. How many bags of coffee did he buy? 

Guest Mar 30, 2018

Let the entire purchase amount be the number of bags he bought, B,  times the price per bag


So   B*8  =  the entire purchase price


From  this ...he subtracts  $10     and pays $30


So  we have this



B*8  -  10  =  30       add 10 to both sides


B*8  =  40        divide both sides by 8


B  = 5  bags



cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 30, 2018

Thanks. I might need helpin likeasec so ya

Guest Mar 30, 2018

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