So many generous people were able to help me on my two other questions  and was wondering if anyone could understand my 2nd one :) i had accidentally uploaded the wrong chart but i keep my word and will repost for a better view!;3
for this one i also have to create one, most likey a residual plot, and fill it in and lastly to explain whether a linear regression line is a good for for the data set

(i have it fixed:) 
full question was:  a company manager found the number of vacay days available and the # of vacay days taken during one year for a sample of employees as shown in the table.
 the equation of the regression line is in the picture:)

once again thank you, its been really stressful these days

 Apr 5, 2019
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Don't know much about this.....but.....


The correlation coefficient is  ≈ .97    which is very high....thus...the regression line is a very good fit


Predicted days  are found by  plugging  the  vacation days available into the regression formula for x


The Residual Column  =  actual days - predicted days




Predicted Days          Residual


7.2                             -1.2

15.6                           -1.6

6                                  2

24                                1

20.4                            -1.4

10.8                             0.2

10.8                            -1.8

20.4                             0.6

8.4                              -0.4 

13.2                             2.8




Here is the residual graph....the predicted point is plotted first with its residual point second





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ill make sure to def take note of this, thank you SO much, sending virtual fist bumps! lol

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