A pair of kids and a pair of adults decided to compete in a three-legged race. The kids got to start 36 meters ahead of the adults, since they had shorter legs. When they were told to start, the kids hobbled forward at a rate of 1 meter per second, and the adults hobbled after them at a rate of 4 meters per second. Soon they were side-by-side. How far did the adults go? How long did that take?

 Feb 8, 2022

Write as an equation: \(36+x = 4x\)


Subtract \(x\) from both sides:

\(36 = 3x\)

Divide each side by \(3\)


This means that after \(\color{brown}\boxed{12}\) seconds, both the adults and the children ran \(\color{brown}\boxed{48}\) meters.

 Feb 9, 2022

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