How do you evaluate the following in parenthesis? 3 (( 2+4)-5)

Nancyforever  Jul 27, 2017

Evaluating inside of parentheses is quite simple, actually. Just remember that if you have multiple operations within a set of parentheses, abide the rules of the order of operations inside of those parentheses.


I'll evaluate your given expression to demonstrate this:

\(3 (( 2+4)-5)\) Good! You have identified the set of parentheses from left to right. However, there is an inner set of parentheses. Do that first! Why? 
\(3(6-5)\) Yet again, do 6-5 because it is prioritized by the parentheses.
\(3(1)\) 3(1)=3*1. Evaluate this.
TheXSquaredFactor  Jul 27, 2017

Inner ones first.

Guest Jul 27, 2017

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