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what it \(j({j}^{-1}(x))\)

and what would be \({j}^{-1}(-1)\)


Please explain the steps of how you did it and how to do it.




 Jan 23, 2018

Step 1:

  So, to find the inverse, you basically switch x and y, then solve for y.

  j(x) is the same thing as y.


  Switch the x and y.


  Solve for y.

  Add 3 to both sides.


  Divide both sides by 2.


  Switch the y to j-1(x).



Step 2:

  Now for j(j-1(x)).

  You want to plug the value of j-1(x) into j(x) for every x value.


  Multiply the 2.


  The 2's cancel.


  The 3's cancel.



Step 3:

  For j-1(-1), plug -1 in for each x value in j-1(x).


  Add -1 and 3.


  2/2 equals 1, so \(j^{-1}(-1)=1\).

 Jan 23, 2018

Thank you!

dom6547  Jan 23, 2018

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