A rectangular shaped dest has a length of 25 inches and a width of 18 inches. A dest with a similir shape has a lenght of 60 inches. What is the width of the dest

Guest Oct 3, 2017
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Let's see... we have a desk that's 25 in. long and 18 in. wide, and another geometrically similar desk that's 60 in. long and x in. wide. Now, the special property of similar shapes is that the ratios of their sides will always be the same. Doing that gives us \({25\over 60}={18\over x}\), which, using basic algebra gets us: 



\(x={1080\over 25}=43.2\) inches, which is the width of the second desk.


Q.E.D. wink

Mathhemathh  Oct 3, 2017

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