CPhill, im really grateful to you.


You help this forum so much , devoting in your time to answer all of our questions , listen to our queries and help accordingly. It's so sweet and kind of you to do that. Im also really sorry . Someties i post questions and dont come back to them, pls dont think i dont read your answers, its just that i forget about them in the mist of school and other things. im really sorry to anyone whose answered me and i havent responded. i give your answers a thumbs up like a secret hero (lol) so pls dont be disappointed or sad. 


Im ever grateful to everyone whose here, who try to help me and the others. this site has really kind people who listen to our queries and answer as soon as possible to help us and make the concepts clearer to us. 


Thank you so much everyone, including CPhill, who answers most of the quesions, and also Alan, Melody , etc. You are all really amzing people . Whenever i dont understand anything , this site is like my ray of hope. People here are ever ready to help, and whats better than real time help in understanding confusing concepts.


CPhill, you answer alost all of my questions and i'm really thankful to you for that!


Thank you so much for all your help. 


i'll try my best to repond to and never forget about my questions in the near future. 


Hows 2018 been going for you? do you have any new year resolutions?


Hope you are well. 


Again, thank you CPhill, Alan, elody , heureka, asinus, and all others for your help.We all appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you! 


Here are a few gifts for you all... hope you like them! smileycheeky




Hope you like the cake....!! It's my favorite one!    









 Feb 16, 2018
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Yes, I am Also Grateful for all your Help, Cphill, Melody, Hectitar (to name a few).wink But I am thankful to all of you, Moderators and Users too.cool  You Guys Make School Life worth living!!!laugh . Thank You!!!


You Guys are there answering our questions and Explaining them patiently. Thank You all


Three Cheers for The Moderators and Users!! (Even some guests too!!)


Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah!!!laughwinkcheeky

 Feb 16, 2018

Thanks Rosala and Manuel,

A very big thank you to both of you.  

I think I speak for all the answerers here :)



Rosala, what beautiful flowers and chocolate cake and I get a bit of both. 

Thanks  laughwinklaugh

 Feb 16, 2018



Thanks, Rosala....it seems that Melody has helped you more recently than I have....she's WAY better at these counting and probability questions than I am....!!


I must  also give a SHOUT OUT  to hectictar and X2.......their answers are always well explained


Hey....that cake looks good....!!!




cool cool cool

 Feb 16, 2018

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