A simple machine such as a lever is used in an experiment. In the ideal case, which of these statements is correct?

A)The work output is double the work input.

B)The work output is equal to the work input.

C)The work output is less than the work input.

D)The work output is greater than the work input.

Guest May 17, 2017

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The answer is "D"

Guest May 17, 2017

I don't believe that you can get more work out than what you put in; so, in an ideal situation, you might get the output work to be as large as the input work (answer B).

You can lift more output weight by increasing the distance of the input weight (the lighter person on a teeter-totter sits farther away from the center (the fulcrum) than the heavier person) and you can increase the distance the lighter weight moves by using a heavier weight at a shorter distance; but, in both cases, the output work is no greater than the input work.

geno3141  May 17, 2017

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