No neither do I.....


A store sells boxes of juice in equal-size packs. Garth bought 18 boxes, rico bought 36 boxes, and mai bought 45 boxes. What is the greatest number of boxes


I could go for the trival answer and say that Mai bought the greatest number, which is 45,

because 45 is bigger than both 36 and 18.      wink

Melody  Mar 1, 2017

Melody....I'm taking a guess here.....but....I believe the rest of the question might be....."What is the greatest number of boxes that come in a pack??"


If so......the answer is 9 boxes.........the greatest common divisor of 18, 36 and 45




cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 1, 2017

Yes i guess so but the question is very poorly written. ://

Melody  Mar 1, 2017

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