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△ABC is congruent to △DEF. Write the name of the congruent triangle listing the vertices in corresponding order.



(a)    △CAB
△   ________

(b)    △FED
△   ______

(c)  △BAC 


i know C is EDF but can't figure out the other two 

 Sep 6, 2018

Since each letter corresponds with the respective letter given, you can just put it in the same order. What I mean is A corresponds with D, B with E, and C with F. So, if you want CAB, you can do FDE. (a)

and for FED, you can get CBA (b)

 Sep 6, 2018

Hey, Mellie.....good to see you  !!!!




cool cool cool

CPhill  Sep 6, 2018

Hi! Good to see you too! I feel bad that I rarely come on anymore. You guys are amazing at answering questions all the time.

Mellie  Sep 9, 2018

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