According to these three facts, which statements are true?

Circle W has center  (−3, 0) and radius 8.

Circle V is a translation of circle W, 2 units down.

Circle V is a dilation of circle W with a scale factor of 2.


There is more than 1 correct answer


The radius of circle V is 16.

Circle V and circle W have the same center.

Circle V and circle W are similar.

The center of circle V is (−5, 0).

JadeBanner  Mar 12, 2018

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Here's the image. If you want to print it or draw on it, you can.


The equation of the first circle is \((x+3)^2+(y)^2=64\) (red) and the second is \((x+3)^2+(y+2)^2=256\) (blue).


Equations 1 and 4 are correct I think, since a dilation of 2 multiplies the radius of 8 to 16 and all circles are similar.

CoopTheDupe  Mar 12, 2018

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