Adi and Sugma are back! Sugma buys 20 nuts from Bing Bow's Eat Foood. Adi and Sugma eat an unspecified number of nuts, and then the rest is given to Ligma. Ligma eats five and now has 2 nuts, which he puts away for later. If Adi ate three more nuts than Sugma, then how many nuts did Adi swallow?

 Jul 18, 2022

Let's try to work backwards.

Before Ligma ate 5 nuts, there were 2+5=7 nuts.

So Adi and Sugma ate 20-7=13 nuts.

Using Guess and check,

we can find that Adi ate 8 nuts and Sugma ate 5.

Answer: 8 nuts

 Jul 18, 2022

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