Can someone PLEASE help me? I need help on the following questions: I have teacher hints


You work for the BeeSwaks Candle Company and have already updated the Brick and the Egyptian candles . The volume of the the brick is measured by the equation x^3-x^2. The volume of the Egyptian candle was marked by the equation 7x^2.


When comparing the graphs of the production volumes, after X> 8, the production of the Brick candle is greater proportion than the Egyptian candle. This result was to be expected, since the function of the Brick candle is a polynomial of degree 3, and the function of the Egyptian candle is a polynomial of degree 2. The volumes are equal at (8,448). 

The same wax will be used to make each candle, and it costs 3 4 of 1¢ per cubic centimeter. Write polynomial functions to show the cost of the wax that is used for making each candle for different values of x. Graph the functions. Discuss the costs.

Question 1: You will redesigned the Brick and Egyptian candles. Because of manufacturing constraints, the base length for each candle has to be at least 2 cm and can be no more than 10 cm. Make a recommendation for the base dimensions of each candle. Explain how you determined your base dimensions. Your reasoning does not have to be all math related.  

Hint:Look at your second graphs and consider reasonable costs and volumes.


Question 2: You're instructed to prepare for a promotional candle sale you will use to test the popularity of the two redesigned candles. Wicks, labor, and other costs add about $1.60 to the cost of each candle. Suggest a retail price for each candle that will cover costs and allow for some profit. Explain how you determined these prices. Your reasoning does not have to be all math related, but it should include specific values derived from your calculations.

Hint:Look at the second graph of the cost functions. Find the costs for the dimensions that you chose. Remember that the goal is to make a profit after all costs are accounted for.

 May 3, 2019

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