Which expression is equal to 7√28−5√63 ?


A. −11√7

B. −37√7

C. −√7

D. √7


Simplify 5√ 12xm^3.

Assume x and m are nonnegative.


A. 60m^3√ x

B. 60√ xm^3

C. 10m^3√ 3x

D. 10m√ 3xm


Which expression is equal to 5/√13√ ?


A. 25/13

B. √65/13

C. √5/13

D. 5√13/13

 Sep 17, 2017

square root of 28 is just a matter of breaking it down

2*2*7= 28 you have two 2's or its like square root of 4=2

however you want to see it, so the 2 can come out and you have 7*2 square root of 7


do the same with the other, you know the 7 has to be left cause the answers all have sqrt7

what times 7 =63 well 9, sqrt 9=3 so the 3 comes out

5*3=15 so you have 15sqrt7

like terms now, so 14-15=-1

answer is -1sqrt7 or C


sqrt12 is sqrt 4*3 so sqrt 4 is 2, 2 comes out, 3 stays in.

5*2=10, 10sqrt3, the m^3 is m*m*m so you can say two of those m's allow it to come out

only one x so it can not come out so 10msqrt3mx or D


one way to get the sqrt out of the denomiator or bottom of the fraction is 

to multiply by 1 or in this case sqrt13/sqrt13. this leaves 13 on the bottom and sqrt13 on the top

D is the only answer that meets that

 Sep 17, 2017

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