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A company makes a profit of $65 per software program and $40 per video game,  The company can produce at most 250 software programs and at most 325 video games per week,  Total production cannot exceed 450 items per week  How many items of each kind should be produced each week in order to maximize the profit?


Use linear programming to solve.  SHOW ALL WORK.  Please include a graph.  You can graph in Desmos and insert or attach the screen shot.


Thank you so much

 Sep 11, 2018

Let x  be the number  of software programs produced  and y be the number of video games produced


And we have these  inequalities


x <=250

y <=325


x + y < = 450


And we wish to maximinze this objective proift function, P :


P  = 65x  + 40y


Here's  the graph : https://www.desmos.com/calculator/k7ivq8jnv2


The max profit will occur at the corner point  ( 250, 200)


So...produce 250 software programs and 200 video games 



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 Sep 11, 2018
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