Given V = 2πr2h, solve for h


A)h = V/2r2

B)h = V2πr2

C)h = V - 2πr2

D)h = V/2πr2



f(x) = x2 - 5

For the function shown, what is the range of the function when the domain is {2, 4, 7}?


A){-1, 44}

B){-1, -5}

C){6, 21, 54}

D){-1, 11, 44}

Guest Aug 15, 2017

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When the question asks to solve for in the equation of \(V=2\pi r^2h\), it means get h, alone, on one side of the equation.  This only requires one step, in this case:


\(V=2\pi r^2h\) Divide by \(2\pi r^2\) on both sides of the equation.
\(h=\frac{V}{2\pi r^2}\) We're done! is by itself.


The appropriate answer choice, therefore, is D


2) If the domain is only {2, 4, 7}, just plug them in the original equation of \(f(x)=x^2-5\).




Now, find the answer choice that has all three of these in its domain. That would be D again.

TheXSquaredFactor  Aug 15, 2017

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