In a store window, there was a box of berries having a total weight of 200 kg. The berries were 98% water, by weight. After two days in the sun, the water content of the berries was only 95%, by weight. What was the total weight of the berries after two days, in kg?

 Jun 8, 2024

Let's write the ratio of water to non-water. If the berries are 98% water, that means it has a 98:2 raio, or a 198:2 ratio. Since the sum of both sides of the ratio is 200, then there is 2 kg of non-water for every 200 kg. If it went down to 95%, the ratio would then be 95:5 or 38:2. Since the previous ratio showed us that there is now only 38 kg of water per 2 kg of non-water, and that the amount of non-water hasn't changed, then the total weight would be 38 + 2 = 40 kg.

 Jun 9, 2024

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