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 Mar 24, 2020

1. Upon death of a specified person, a family or designated person will receive money based on the insurance policy's terms. This is important in the case of losing a key provider for a family.


2. In many cases, life insurance is necessary to provide "breathing room" for one's children or spouse in the case of a loss, in the form of an extra cash surplus


3. If looking at a business, life insurance could possibly save a small company (or even a big one) in the case of the loss of a key figure within the company. (the extra cash would keep the company afloat).


Many of these answers are along the same lines:

Life insurance acts as a "safety net" against any sort of financial blowback that comes as a result of someone's death

 Mar 24, 2020

1. if you don't live, what else do you do? You need to use your life wisely so that you can do stuff.


2. You need to be there for your future wife, children, etc. They will need you!


3. God bless you, and you need to bless him back.

 Mar 24, 2020

How might someone bless a god?

Why is god a “him”? Why not an it?

Guest Mar 24, 2020

Uh cal, that's not what a life insurance policy is, I think you kind of misunderstand. He's not talking about why a "life" is important, but rather "life insurance".

jfan17  Mar 24, 2020

It means to make him be proud of you.

 Mar 25, 2020

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