John and Jane go rock-climbing together. John climbs a height of (x+5) miles in (x-1) hours and Jane climbs a height of (x+11) miles in (x+2) hours. Is it possible that they were climbing at the same speed? If so, what must have been their speed, in miles per hour? If not, use 0 as your answer.

 Sep 6, 2021

Srt the RATES equal and solve for 'x'


(x+5) / (x-1) = (x+11)/(x+2)       solve for 'x' (if possible )     Start by cross multiplying, simplify then use Quadratic FOrmula

              ..... Post if you need more help....


Then   speed in MPH  = (x+5)/(x-1)     or     (x+11)/(x+2)       <===== they should be the same for the Q

 Sep 6, 2021
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