I can't figure out how to solve this.. 103=a^50
Guest Mar 19, 2012
have to show the wrok all so 4 1 out of 4
tresha888  Mar 21, 2012
Fairly easy... but understandable I always had trouble with this c**p lol.
Ok, so original problem ---> 103=a^50
How about 103^(1/50)=a
I just got a by itself
Now, if you do 103^(1/50) in your calculator, it equals 1.0971
Don't get it? Here, I'll do another example

Example 2: 729=a^6
So, if you take 6 to the other side, and put 6 over 1, you will get 729^(1/6).
Doing that, a = 3
If you don't get it now, im not doing a good job lol.

Example 3: 234=a^20
So, again, take 20 to the other side, but put it over 1. You should get 234^(1/20)
Therefore, a=234^(1/20).
A = 1.3136
If you don't get it now, sorry.
Guest Mar 21, 2012

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