The perimeter of a square is 80 - 64y.  Which expression can be used to show the side length of one side of the square?


 Mar 15, 2021

since a square has 4 equal sides, the perimeter would be 4 * (side length of the square). 


so, each side length of the square would be \(\frac{80-64y}{4}\)

80 / 4 = 20 and 64y / 4 = 16y


each side length of the square is 20 - 16y, or the third option.


it seems that you are asking many questions about factoring simple expressions. here is a site that may help:




i have mentioned this before, but Symbolab's simplifying calculators are helpful as well, in providing step-by-step solutions and tips. feel free to explore!


hope this helped! sorry if my explanations weren't that great. a quick search online will also always provide you with many resources and tips! smiley

 Mar 15, 2021

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