I have to paint one side of a wall.  The wall is 12 meters tall and 120 meters long.  Each gallon of paint covers 150 square feet. If a foot is approximately 0.3048 meters, then what is the smallest whole number of gallons I can buy and have enough paint to cover the whole wall?

 Jul 9, 2024

First, let's convert every single measurement into feet from meters so we don't have to worry about it later.

We have \(\frac{12m}{ 0.3048 m/ft }=39.3701 ft \) for the height

And we have \(\frac{120m}{ 0.3048 m/ft }=393.7007 ft \) for the length. 


Now, we can find the total area of the wall. We do length times height, so we have

\( (39.3701 ft)(393.7007 ft) = 15,500.0359 ft^2 \)


Now, we do some ugly math. We must divide by the gallons. 

Since each gallon of paint covers 150, we must do

\(\frac{ 15,500.0359 sq ft}{ 150 sq ft/gallon }= 103.3335 gallons \)


Since you can't actually by a fraction of a gallon, we must round up. 

So, we simply have

104 gallons as our answer. 


So 104 is our answer. 


Thanks! :)

 Jul 9, 2024

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