Tanzi and Maeve each have brand new 1200 mL bottles of soap. They use soap at different constant rates. When Tanzi's bottle is completely empty, she asks Maeve to add soap from Maeve's bottle, which is still two-thirds full. How many milliliters of soap should Maeve pour from her bottle into Tanzi's so that both bottles will be completely emptied at the same time?

 Jul 15, 2022

Tanzi uses    1200 ml      when  Maeve uses  (1/3) 1200 ml =   400 ml


Therefore.....she uses  3 times as much in a specified amout of time




Maeve should  pour   (3/4) (400 ml)  =   300 ml  into  Tanzi's bottle


Tanzi will have 300 ml  and Maeve will have 100 ml    and.....3 times what Maeve uses = whatTanzi uses in the  same amount of time




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 Jul 15, 2022

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