admissions to a baseball game is 4 dollars for general admission and 5.50 dollars for reserve seats the receipts were 5,196.50 for 1,181 paid admissions how much of each ticket was sold?​

 Mar 21, 2021

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Here we want to create 2 equations so we can solve for each variable. We want to let \(g\)=general admission and \(r\)=reserve seats. We also know that there were 1181 tickets/seats bought and im assuming for a total cost of $5196.50. From this, we can gather that:





From this I will use elimination to remove a variable. I will multiply equation 1 by 4 and take it away from equation 2:


\(4g+4r=4724\) (eq 1 * 4, now take this from equation 2)

\(0g+1.5r=472.5\) (now rearrange to find \(r\))



Now that we know this, we can sub it back into the first equation to find \(g\)




Just to double check you can sub both into either equation to ensure it works:




Hope this helped :) let me know how you go!

 Mar 22, 2021

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