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 Jan 24, 2019

Looks OK !

 Jan 24, 2019

Yes it does look good, thanks EP.


Guest, here is a site you should familiarise yourself with.  It is very easy to use and if you have probs you can ask us.



It is really just  www.desmos.com   The first link just takes you to your graph that you wanted. 

You can delete that and add any graph you want.


This graphing calc is the one we all use here and you can use it to check you graphing answers and to help you to learn.  wink


Why don't you consider becoming a member?

Since you are not using this as a cheat site, beccoming a member could be quite beneficial to you.

It would be good for you to get known by the answerers.  There are lots of other benefits as well.

I cannot think of any negatives.    laugh

 Jan 24, 2019

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