In a bag of candy, the probability that an orange candy is chosen is 0.55 and the probably that a green is chosen is 0.45. A person reaches into the bag of candy and chooses two. If X is the number of green candy pieces chosen, find the probability that has 0, 1, or 2 green pieces chosen.

(a) Draw a tree diagram showing the possibilities for each outcome.

(b) Create the binomial distribution table for .


For A 



And for B I could just write 0.45*0.45?

 Mar 16, 2022

Binomial Distribution Table:


Orange-Orange:  0.55 x 0.55  =  0.3025


Orange-Green:  0.55 x 0.45  =  0.2475


Green-Orange:  0.45 x 0.55  =  0.2475


Green-Green:  0.45 x 0.45  =  0.2025

 Mar 16, 2022

Thanks Geno,


Hi Loona,

Firstly this would have to be a bevy big bag of candy (really of infinite size) otherwise it is not correct to do it this way.

But for a school question you do not have to worry about that. 


Your question for part B looks unfinished.  Maybe some LaTex has been omitted?

Be careful to proofread you questions before you post them.


You made a good start on you tree but in my view it is not finished.


 Mar 16, 2022
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