Useful Information:

The doors toward the bottom of the photograph are 80 inches tall.

One story of the building has a height of 120 inches.


Hoist – width

Fly – length

Union – blue field of flag

The flag in the photo complies with the standard proportions for the U.S. flag which are:

Hoist (width) of flag:             1

Fly (length) of flag:                1.9

Hoist (width) of union:      7/13    


Fly (length) of union:            0.76

Diameter of circle circumscribing star: 0.0616

Width of each stripe:                                 1/13

What is the approximate hoist, fly and perimeter, in feet, of the flag in the photograph:  Explain your reasoning.                                                         Hoist:                           Fly:                Perimeter:                    

What is the approximate area, in square feet, of the flag? Explain your reasoning.                                                                                                           Area:                                 

What is the approximate area, in square feet, of the union? Explain your reasoning.                                                                                                Area:                                 

What is the approximate area, in square feet, of the red part of the flag? Explain your reasoning.                                                                             Area:                                 

If a small insect lands on the flag, what is the probability that the insect lands on a part of the flag colored red?                                            Probability:                              

The American Airlines Arena has a maximum seating capacity of 19,600 people when used for basketball.  Suppose the U.S. flag in the photograph is to be pulled taut, supported (so that it does not touch the ground), and carried, stretched horizontally in an unfurled position, down the street by people (as if in a parade).  If one person can handle 18” of the flag’s perimeter, what percent of the maximum seating capacity of American Airlines Arena is needed to accomplish this task?                                     Percent:              

The National Basketball Association basketball court inside American Airlines Arena measures 50 feet x 94 feet.  By what approximate factor should the flag in the photograph be reduced or enlarged for it to cover the entire basket ball court?  Explain your reasoning.                                       Factor:                                          (be sure to include enlarge or reduce)

On graph paper, draw and color a U.S. flag in the correct proportion.  Explain your reasoning to justify the dimensions of the flag that you have drawn.

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This is a repeat question Jenny.

Please do not put the whole thing.

 Just put a link to your original questions and let people know that you are still very much in need of help.

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To get you started:


 the flag is 5 stories in length    each story is 120 inches       120 x 5 = 600 inches in length  (fly)

    the hoist is in a ratio    fly / hoist   =  1.9 /1            1.9 / 1 = 600/ hoist      so the hoist (width) = 600/1.9 = 315.8 inches

              Now you can calculate the perimeter.


      Union hoist (blue width)   7/13 of total hoist (it covers 7 of the equal width stripes....hence 7/13)

                    Union hoist = 7/13 x 315.8 = 170 inches

                     Union fly (width) = .76 (315.8) = 240 inches

                            you should be able to calculate the area of the Union now,,,,,


        Each stripe is 1/13 of the hoist =  1/13 x 315.8 = 24.3 inches wide

            now you should be able to calculate the fly of the short and long stripes to calculate the area of red stripes



 Mar 7, 2020

thank you, I have calculated them out and do not know how to start number 5... any advices? ( its the small insect one)

xxJenny1213xx  Mar 7, 2020
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# 5   calculate the area of the WHOLE flag    =    fly x hoist


there are 7 red stripes.....each strip has an area of   1/13 hoist   x   fly 

    there are 7 of them     7 x 1/13 hoist x fly    = red area (almost)


   BUT   4 of the stripes are shorter....you must subtract the area of the stripes that are missing

                  width of a stripe x 4  x (Union fly) = area to be subtracted from the red area calculated area above


THEN probability of landing on red   =    red area/ total area of flag                 Do you see?  go through it slowly and understand each step !

ElectricPavlov  Mar 8, 2020
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yes, thank you!

xxJenny1213xx  Mar 8, 2020

You're welcome!cheeky

ElectricPavlov  Mar 8, 2020

i got 6.5%... is that correct?

my steps:

24.3 x 600 x 7=102060

24.3 x 4 x 240 =23328=area to be subtracted


=78732 ( total red )

102060/ 15790 ( totla flag)

= 6.5 percent

xxJenny1213xx  Mar 8, 2020

Attn:  Jenny

Please add the link to your original question, in both directions so people can see the answer either way.

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